A view from the bridge essay masculinity

Lesbian and gay studies: L43 Babuscio, Jack "Cinema of camp aka camp and the gay sensibility. University of Michigan Press, c C33 Baker, Rob.

A view from the bridge essay masculinity

It is a play which shows how the small compact communities lived by their own code of law which is in no book or on any parchment.

A view from the bridge essay masculinity

It is set in the characters modern day New York with law, justice and the police but yet in the close-knit community who are adamant on justice whether the law permits it or not, the notion of justice, linking in with their honour.

This quote tells that Al Capone lived here — Al Capone being a, notorious villain who was wanted by the American Government.

Traditional men would have been raised to know when they were older and had a family of their own they should be the breadwinner of the family, the one who went and did a hard days work for food to feed his family.

Traditional men at this time found their honour greatly important. This shows times have moved forward and the new type of society we have now. Eddie Carbone in a View From The Bridge is the predominant character, in different ways he is linked in with everyone in the story. It is his actions that makes the plot and drives the play forward.

Eddie is a very forceful man who seems to see himself as the traditional man with the role of being the Breadwinner. He is used to get his own way and knows his in charge and the head of the household.

Eddie Carbone is possessive over his niece Catherine. Eddie would like his life to remain the way it is as it is changing and finds it difficult to come to terms with the change.

An example of change happening in Eddies is Catherine growing up. She is starting to go out and wear make up. Eddie finds this him impossible to come to terms with as Catherine as always been is little girl.

His forceful side of his personality is shown as well with his wife expecting her to back up everything he says and does; he becomes angry when she differs on opinion with Roldolpho. However even though all of this tends to make us feel Eddie is a heartless man there are warmer sides which we see Eddie in Eddie is also a man who works hard for his family and has a strong sense of community linking with fact of his honour and his security within his masculinity.

As I said in one of my introductory paragraphs real and traditional men would not do feminise activities such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, making dresses etc.


Men were frowned upon if they to made dresses, sew, sing, clean and danced. Eddie in his spare time though does not do any of these things. Also it shows you Eddie just relaxes at home and has everything served up to him after coming from a long days work. Eddies job also proves he is a real man as he his longshoreman which is a very hard labouring job.

You would need to be a real man to do the job he does however not all men did hard labouring jobs and were classed as weirds, as an example Alferi is an educated man. In addition the traditional would not talk things over to solve a conflict.

They would have used their fists first and then asked questions later. This type of behaviour is the same with Eddie. This violent streak of behaviour to solve conflict could be due to lack of justice and law within his society and the deficiency of order in his childhood.

An example of this behaviour is when Eddie has boxing match with Roldolpho. This all only is a part of him because his masculinity-in this sense masculinity rules his life.

Eddie has many weaknesses. One of his many weaknesses is his sexual feelings for Catherine; this is probably the biggest weakness. This is because it defies his masculinity. Maybe it is this reason why she falls in love with Roldolpho, the first person she ever goes out with. Another one of these is his lack of emotional intelligence.

During the play you do not see him weep, cry or convey any of his emotions except for hate and anger. This may because of his masculinity and hi not wanting to show his real feelings. Eddies does not share his emotions therefore bottling it up.Lesbian feminism is a cultural movement and critical perspective, most influential in the s and early s (primarily in North America and Western Europe), that encourages women to direct their energies toward other women rather than men, and often advocates lesbianism as the logical result of feminism.

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