Essay on chipko andolan

Standing up for trees:

Essay on chipko andolan

A large area of land on which trees and other plants grow naturally is called a forest. And the wild animals like lion, tiger, elephants, deer, snakes, etc.

The Essay on chipko andolan and 'animals' of a forest are called 'flora' and 'fauna' respectively. Due to the presence of a large number of species of plants and animalsforests are said to be 'biodiversity hotspots'.

One of the main aims of the management of forests and wildlife is to conserve the biodiversity which we have inherited.

Essay on chipko andolan

This is because the loss of biodiversity leads to the loss of ecological stability of the forest ecosystem. We will now discuss the various stakeholders in the management of forests and their aspirations.

A person with an interest or concern in something is called a stakeholder. When we consider the management or conservation of forests, we find that there are four stakeholders in it.

The people who live in and around the forest and are dependent to some extent on forest produce forest products to lead their life. The Forest Department of the Government which owns the forest land and controls the resources from the forest.

The industrialists who use various forest products for their factories, such as wood for making paper and furniture, and tendu leaves for making bidis, etc.

The forest and wildlife activists who want to see the forests in their pristine form original condition. We will now describe what each of these stakeholder groups needs or gets out of the forests.

The people who live in villages around the forests take firewood fuel from the forest trees. They usually lop cut the branches of the trees and pluck their leaves but do not cut down the whole trees.

They take bamboo from the forest to make their huts and baskets for collecting and storing food materials. The local people take wood for making agricultural implements and gather fruits, nuts and medicinal herbs from the forest. They also collect green fodder and graze their cattle in the forest.

On the whole, people living near the forests usually use the resources of the forests in a way that much damage is not done to the environment.

Essay on chipko andolan

In fact, the people living near forests had developed practices to ensure that the forest resources were used in a sustainable manner.

So, the damage caused to forests cannot be attributed to only the local people living around the forests. The Forest Department has a major stake in the resources of forests and wildlife because it is a good source of revenue for the Government. Most of the forest revenue comes from the sale of cut down forest trees for timber which is wood used in buildings and furniture.

In order to plant trees for timber such as pine, teak, and eucalyptus, etc. This destroys a large amount of biodiversity in the area which harms the environment.

The management of protected forest areas by keeping the local people out completely has some ill effects too.

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This will become clear from the following example. The great Himalayan National Park is a protected forest area which contains alpine ' meadows that were earlier grazed by outside sheep in summer.

So, nomadic shepherds having no permanent home drove their flock of sheep up from the valley to this area every summer. After the formation of Himalayan National Park, the grazing by sheep was not allowed.Chipko Andolan चिपको आंदोलन Asahyog Andolan का यह लेख आपको कैसा लगा अगर आपके कोई सवाल या सुझाव हो तो हमें कमेंट करके बताएं और अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर.

Chipko Andolan or Hug the Trees Movement was a protest against the cutting of the trees of the forest. In this Andolan, the women of Reni village in Garhwal hugged the tree trunks and did not allow the contractors to cut the trees. Chipko andolan was one of the step taken by the indians in ’s.

The people hugged the tree to save it from cuting of it. Today human is running behind time and fanancial status by puting in lot of efforts.

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Title: The Chipko Movement 1 The Chipko Movement 2. Resistance to destruction of forests spread in the hills of Uttaranchal ins ; Birth place - Gopeshwar in District Chamoli. First Chipko action March in Reni village. 3. Chipko means tree hugging or embrace as the villagers hugged the trees. Locally it is called as Angwal. (ii) The Chipko Andolan: Another example of the contribution of common people towards the conservation of forests is the Chipko Andolan (Hug the Trees Movement). The Chipko Andolan originated from an incident in a remote village called 'Reni' . The famous chipko movement in the himalayas has not only successfully resisted the deforestation in several areas but also shown that community afforestation with .
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