Evaluation of osmosis coursework

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Evaluation of osmosis coursework

Osmosis Coursework Evaluation -

Theory Plasmolysis is the result of a in particular plant cell which has lost vast amounts of water. When this happens, turgor pressure within the cell has decreased to the point where the cytoplasm of the cell membrane peels away from the cell wall. Plasmolysis is only possible if the cell is placed in a hypertonic solution, which is a solution where the water external to the cell has more solutes than within the plant cell and because of that the water potential outside the cell would be lower than inside the cell.

This would cause water turgor pressure to be lost by Osmosis. Osmosis is the net movement of water from high pressure to low pressure across a partially permiable membrane and it is that reason that it requires no energy for the movement.

I will use red onion cells because the cell sap is coloured making the process of incipient plasmolysis easier to see.

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By that I mean it will be easier to see the cell membrane peeling away from the cell wall. If this is correct it will change the water from being hypotonic to being hypertonic in high enough sucrose concentrations.

Preliminary Results Before I started this experiment I did a preliminary test, to test whether certain methods of conducting the experiment would work. This was important because it allowed myself to not only prepare but also detect any early onset problems that could occur. For the initial experiments I did a single test for each concentration of sucrose and as you can see below the results seem to be consistant with the theory.

I used the information I obtained in the preliminary findings to rectify some things in methods, such as for example; the amount time for each experiment, list of concentrations etc. The Method that was used to acquire the preliminary results seems to work, and I will use it to conduct the experiment with it.

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Also it is relatively easy to setup and analyse the results and we do have the equipment for it to be a usable method of conducting the experiment with. Equipment The equipment list is as follows: Prepare concentration of sucrose using the measuring cylinder. Using the pipette to extract the solution from the measuring cylinder the mixture of sucrose.

Place the slide under the microscope, observe how many cells are plasmolysed, and write down the result. Repeat the process again if necessary, either using a different or same concentration of sucrose.

For example, it could produce results that are extremely different than to the other results taken, also making sure the method is the same throughout will also help save time as well.

This will help reduce the amount of air bubbles trapped, making it easier to see the cells under a microscope.

Using the equation above, I will record this as a percentage.

Evaluation of osmosis coursework

For acquiring the percentage of that I will use this equation: For acquiring the percentage of cells plasmolysed I will use this equation: Then multiply this number by a e. This would be the percentage of cells plasmolysed.

Prediction The prediction is, I believe that the highest concentration of sucrose would cause the most cells to be plasmolysed and the lower concentration would obviously produce the least amount of cells being plasmolysed.

This prediction is in line with the theory of plasmolysis. As you can see I did 3 different sets of results for each concentration, because mainly to produce a more accurate result from the average. The plots on the graph are the average result on each concentration of sucrose. Well analysing the graph, it shows that the concentration of sucrose that would Incipient Plasmolysis would be approximately Reading through the results there is a trend that is going on.

All of the results I obtained follow this pattern, especially the average of cells plasmolysed. In each increase of sucrose solution the amount of cells plasmolysed increase.

Osmosis Coursework Essay Sample

This relates to my scientific work as I had to prove that I could conduct an experiment that would cause Incipient plasmolysis.

Overall it does prove my prediction, on this experiment. The method I used to conduct the experiment was suitable for it. It did prove through the results that Incipient plasmolysis within the red onion cells had occurred,it also allowed myself effectively to record the results and was written down simply in numbered form to make it easy to follow.Investigating osmosis - coursework for biology includes prediction evaluation and results Essay by Stubbsy15, High School, 11th grade, C+, November download word file, 4 pages download word file, 4 pages 2 votes3/5(2).

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